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Dieses Poem ist ein Zeichen meiner Anerkennung und Zustimmung an jene, die gegen ihre diktatorische Regierung rebellieren, die eine Wendung zu allem Guten wollen und füreinander eintreten und auch für die OCCUPY Bewegung. Ich hoffe auch, dass das Poem dazu beitragen kann, sich in die Energien, die da in Bewegung geraten sind, einzuschwingen, dieses WIR-Gefühl zu bekräftigen, den Glauben zu stärken, dass wir gemeinsam wirklich etwas verändern können. Ich finde es schön, wenn Menschen so zusammenhalten, und ja, wir können etwas bewirken!

This and that is, what we have to obay,
we rule the World, that is what you say,
give us commands, but don’t give us tools,
don’t lay the blame on us, you are the fools,
you are the ones, that make it all go wrong,
pretend to be important, to be big, to be strong,
a long time we didn’t know, that you’re so weak,
not, that we have nothing better to do, than to seek
and find your mistakes, but they are remarkable,
that we didn’t need to force it, you are just unable,
to do, what you should do, and now we found it out,
we won, you lost, don’t deny this, there’s no doubt.

If this situation wouldn’t make me cry,
that everyone has to stand up, just to deny,
that we do everything you want, just obey,
this situation would make me laugh like crazy,
because this thing is more than just amazin‘,
that everyone stands up to shout „Judgement Day“!

Lady at War - Frau im Krieg
Bild erstellt mit dem Flame-Painter von EscapeMotions.com

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Dieses Poem ist nicht wortwörtlich gemeint! Es ist ein mit Metaphern gespicktes Ventil für meine Wut gegenüber denen, die lügen und betrügen, um an die Macht zu kommen und um sie sich zu erhalten.

I can’t understand, how we ever could trust in you,
we are truly shocked by the things you do,
I wonder, where from came the belief,
that you’re something more than a thief,
now I know, what flies high, someday falls,
you made us drugged up to the eyeballs,
now we see, that there’s finally nothing left,
caused by your damage, by your theft,
your lust for destruction, you simply destabilize,
what we built, you are devils in disguise,
we are hard working for a better tomorrow,
you destroy it, fulfill us with pain and sorrow,
we make it, you break it, that’s how it is to me,
we build it, you gild it, that’s the way it should be,
that’s the only reason for choosing you,
that’s the only thing you really should do,
no achievements for the money you greedily take,
you are less a bloom, than much more an earthquake,
which takes us everything we ever had,
you leave us helpless, make us angry and sad.

Das bin ich... scheinbar schweigend...

Don’t take the Butterfly away,
or else I will say,
what you don’t want to hear,
namely, that you greedily steer
towards money and power,
and when things go sour,
you are the reason,
you are guilty of high treason,
after our wealth you strive,
regardless to whom you hurt like a knife,
don’t take away the Butterfly,
if you rather want me to lie.

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